Protective Towing Covers

Protective Towing Covers

Protec Covers are proud manufacturers of the Towing Jacket and Universal Towing Cover; providing excellent protection against exhaust fumes, dirt, grime and stone chippings.
  1. Towing Jacket


    The Tailored Towing Jacket

    To order simply select your make of caravan and the relevant model and year, we will do the rest.

    If you don't see your caravan listed, it is likely that you will require one of our Universal Towing Covers, alternatively please feel free to contact our office for confirmation of which cover would be best for you.

    If you are wanting a Towing Jacket for your Knaus caravan, please contact, as they are the sole retailers of this wonderful product. 

    Delivery at present is approximately 2-3 working weeks from date of order.

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  2. Eriba Towing Jacket


    The Eriba Towing Jacket

    Introducing the Towing Jacket specifically for Eriba caravans.

    To order, simply select your model of Eriba and its year of manufacture and we will do the rest.

    Delivery at present is approximately 2 working weeks from date of order.

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  3. Universal Towing Cover

    Protec's Universal Towing Cover - suitable for all caravans with two awning channels Delivery is approximately 3 weeks from date of order at present Learn More
  4. Pro-Tec Vehicle and Cover Cleaner

    The Biodegradable, Eco Friendly Caravan, Motorhome and Protec Covers Cleaner Learn More