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Camper Trolley Caravan Motor Mover 1500 £1,050.00



The Camper Trolleyis fresh to the UK after huge success in the rest of Europe. Its revolutionary design provides an innovative solution to the limitations of the caravan movers presently on the market. To move your caravan there is no need to fix it to the van as it requires no fitting at all, attach the bracket with NO DRILLING OR WIRING. This compact Motor Mover is driven into place and then attaches onto the caravan and then you position the caravan using the remote control. Just looking at the mover shows how robust and innovative the design is, the twin tracks ensure that the caravan mover doesn't become bogged down.

Delivery Times approximately 3 weeks


N.B The Camper Trolley can ONLY be shipped to the UK due to restrictions on international distribution.

When you've finished using the Camper Trolley caravan mover it simply stores away in its bag and doesn't need to be connected when moving. No excess weight on your caravan as you can detach it and leave it at home if you don't need it at your end destination.

No clearance issues Some caravans have a very low clearance height (such as the Hymer caravans) and fixed caravan movers haves been known to have been ripped off on bumps.

Don't run down your caravan battery, the Camper Trolley Caravan Mover comes with an onboard battery which can be charged via the mains. Operates via wireless control, which has a range of 25-30 metres, and it moves at 9 metres a minute to insure full control of the van. The Camper Trolley deals with tarmac ,tiles, grass and gravel with caravans of up to 1,500 kgs effortlessly on inclines of up to 10%. The built-in Lithium Ion battery secures a capacity of 30 minutes under normal conditions.

Camper Trolley Multi Mover Features:

  •Remotely operated - this caravan mover is a cut above the rest it features its own little remote control which operates the Camper Trolley.

Never permanently attached the Caravan Mover does not remain fitted the caravan, it can be stored within the caravan when travelling.

All-Terrain - the little Caravan Mover can manoeuvre a caravan on various surfaces - indoor and outdoor it uses its twin rubber belt tracks and two powerful built-in gear motors to move a Caravan at 9 metres per minute.

•The Caravan Mover also features LED's notifying you of any errors with the device or when it needs charging.

Speed   9 metres per minute

Battery capacity  14,4 Volt, 5600 mAh Lithium Ion

Weight Camper Trolley   16,5 kg

Operating capacity   app. 30 minutes during normal operation

Motor  2 pcs. 14,4 V planet gear motors

Max 18 Volt at optimal light.

Battery charger   230 V - 14,4 V, 1000 mAh

Haulage capacity

 Suitable for trailers and caravans up to 1,500 kgs

Safety  Built-in 3 minute safety shut-off function


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    Very Good Buy, Well Pleased
    Review by Maggieon 02/04/2016
    I have a folding caravan, and was told my van was to low for an ORDINARY caravan mover attached to the wheels, I come across this mover at roughly same sort of price as caravan mover, once fitted was very happy with unit, my forecourt runs up and the drop kerb runs down, this motor mover does the job lovely. would recommend to anyone.